Civil Rights & Criminal Defense


Client Reviews


I highly recommend Erin Darling if anyone is in need of a criminal defense attorney. His experience, communication skills and genuine concern for his clients are top notch.
— Cory P.
I was facing federal charges and thanks to Erin Darling, today I am a free man. He made sure justice was served with a Not Guilty verdict.
— Eugene B.
Iā€™m sitting at home, free, because of Erin Darling. He was always up front with me and handled my case in the most professional manner.
— Leon S.
I am truly blessed to have Erin Darling as my defense lawyer. His overall level of service is par excellence. I am very satisfied with his level of support, compassion, professionalism and dedication in tackling my case.
— R.C.
Erin is highly skilled, with years of experience handling all types of federal cases. He is smart, thorough and dedicated to giving the best possible defense one could have.
— Ivan G.
My first time dealing with the legal system was with Erin Darling and I could not have wished for a better experience. Erin broke everything down to me step-by-step, making me feel comfortable and well-informed.
— Lizzette C.