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The Law Offices of Erin Darling specialize in criminal defense and civil rights. Individuals are often overwhelmed by the legal system and need an advocate with both skill and compassion. Experienced in both state and federal court, we provide exceptional representation with an attentive client-centered focus. Examples of the criminal cases we defend include resisting arrest, transportation and distribution of drugs, theft and assault. Criminal cases can range from simple misdemeanors to complex felonies.

We are guided by the principle that "the personal is political" - justice for each individual client helps create more justice for everyone. 

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Areas of Practice

Criminal defense

Too many people are in prison serving lengthy sentences. The Law Offices of Erin Darling bring a client-centered focus when fighting to keep people out of prison and home with their loved ones. 

From simple drug possession misdemeanors to complex felony conspiracy cases, attorney Erin Darling has experience fighting for clients and getting results. Other criminal charges can include resisting arrest ("resists, delays, or obstructs" an officer), drug sales, and assault. Every stage of a criminal case presents an opportunity for a favorable resolution, including forceful pre-trial negotiations, the drafting of effective motions, and skillful trial advocacy. At each step of the way, Mr. Darling defends his clients' interests with skill, passion, and care.

civil rights

With so much inequity and bigotry in society today, law must be a tool for justice. The Law Offices of Erin Darling exist to fight for people who have been marginalized and treated unfairly. 

Erin Darling has helped win significant civil rights victories on behalf of students, farmworkers, homeless individuals, and low-income tenants. Mr. Darling excels at getting results for those wrongfully targeted and abused by law enforcement. All too often law enforcement takes advantage of the public trust and innocent people suffer as a result. Combining an understanding of social issues with a creative legal mind, Mr. Darling has a track-record of winning tangible benefits for vulnerable people. 


I’m sitting at home, free, because of Erin Darling. He was always up front with me and handled my case in the most professional manner.
— Leon S.
I highly recommend Erin Darling if anyone is in need of a criminal defense attorney. His experience, communication skills and genuine concern for his clients is top notch.
— Cory P.
I was facing federal charges and thanks to Erin Darling, today I am a free man. He made sure justice was served with a Not Guilty verdict.
— Eugene B.


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