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Civil Rights

Inequality is unacceptable


using the law to empower

All of us instinctually know what is unfair and unjust, but we often feel that nothing can be done. The Law Offices of Erin Darling are guided by the belief that something can be done. From students to farmworkers, low-income tenants to people living on the streets, Erin Darling has represented individuals and groups who are overpowered and underserved.

By helping people stand up for themselves, Mr. Darling has helped achieve tangible results from a legal system that is often unresponsive to regular people's basic needs. Dedicated to bringing civil rights cases that can remedy unequal treatment, the Law Offices of Erin Darling seek to empower clients by fighting and winning. 

With years of experience providing legal assistance to community-based struggles, Mr. Darling litigates civil rights cases that bring dignity to individuals and social change to communities. If you have been treated unfairly, please contact us for a free consultation.